Modern farmhouse receives architecture prize from Aalborg Municipality

06 October 2020

Modern interpretation of the traditional farmhouse

In 2020, the Aalborg committee for awarding architectural prizes elected to award prizes to six project of which one is the farm at Tostrupvej 131 in Nibe which received an award for a modern interpretation of the traditional farmhouse. Naturally, we are very pleased about this on behalf of both the client and the architect. The beautiful project is clad with the modern DS Stålprofil profile Nordic Klikfals in silver which creates a functional and beautiful harmony with the other buildings on the property.

 Architect: N+P Arkitektur
Client: Lotte Bjerregaard and Uffe Nielsen Use: Residence

The motivation for the award is:

"The farmhouse is a successful construction in open landscape, adapted to the modern family. The choice of materials and the discreet architecture are true to the design of the existing farm and, thus, is a good example of how to build in new harmony with the landscape without ’unnecessary noise’".

On Architecture Day (Arkitekturens Dag) which falls on 5 October, the Aalborg committee for awarding architectural prizes awarded prices to the six projects according to the following criteria:

- consideration for the property in its entirety
- consideration for the use of the right materials and technologies
- consideration for sustainability in the realisation and operation of the project
- functional design which also accommodates the disabled - interior and exterior design of spaces creating a good and safe framework for social life
- cohesiveness and coherence between functionality and contents whether it is a matter of a framework for everyday living or the special and the unique

The committee was made up of:

Hans Henrik Henriksen, City Councillor (Chairman)
Peder Baltzer Nielsen, City Architect
Lisbeth Lauritsen, City Councillor
Jan Nymark Thaysen (currently Mads Sølver Pedersen), City Councillor
Vibeke Gamst, City Councillor
Robert Hansen, Architect (appointed by AA)
Pernille Østergaard Svendsen, Architect, (appointed by AA)

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