Cradle to Cradle Certified® - Ambitious green transition at DS Stålprofil

05 May 2022

Cradle to Cradle (C2C) is about minimising the adverse effects of production and products, and promoting the positive effects on the environment, economy and people throughout the life cycle, just like in nature’s own ecosystem, where surplus materials and waste either biodegrade or become nutrients for other animals and plants.


C2C certified products are designed to be part of the circular economy (cradle to cradle). It is a break from the “use and throw away” mindset and focuses on sustainability all the way around the product, production and the people affected now and in the future.

As the first thin sheet manufacturer in Denmark, we have now achieved Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze for our main product group of steel profiles for roof cladding and facades. Among the certified products are steel solutions with GreenCoat®, where a significant part of the traditional fossil oil in the paint coating has been replaced by Swedish rapeseed oil.

Circular Economy

For many years, our society has been characterised by a linear economy (cradle to grave): extraction of mineral resources, manufacturing products, consumption and disposal, and the resources are lost in the process. That is why we need the circular economy, where we ensure that products and ingredients are part of continuous cycles of reuse and recycling - again and again. Harmful ingredients must be eliminated, and all manufacturing must be based on renewable energy. No resources are lost in a circular economy, and materials retain their value.

Cradle to Cradle Certified®

C2C is a design concept and methodology that helps companies develop both products and product standards that can be included in the circular economy. The concept is non-profit, international and third-party verified. The criteria in the product standard are based on both demanding legislation, and voluntary standards in the areas of product, recyclability, climate and environment and CSR and are assessed in five categories:

1. Material Health: Materials must be healthy for people and the environment.

2. Product Circularity: Products and processes must be designed to go into a circular economy safely.

3. Clean Air & Climate Protection: Manufacturing must ensure clean air without harmful emissions and prevent climate change by using renewable energy.

4. Water & Soil Stewardship: Manufacturing must protect both land and water from pollution and depletion.

5. Social Fairness: Manufacturers must respect human rights and contribute to a just society.

DS Stålprofil is the first Danish manufacturer of thin sheet steel to achieve Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze for the main product group of steel for facade and roof cladding. The C2C certification is based on an independent third-party assessment and requires documentation from both suppliers and partners. Furthermore, several internal initiatives have been launched regarding production and sustainability - including purchasing from a wind turbine project. 

Learn more and see the certificate

Future development

However, that’s not happened yet. Concerning the C2C standards, DS Stålprofil also commits to positive future development, as the certification is dynamic and requires year-on-year progress within the five criteria. Therefore, the company also expects to increase its certification level continuously. C2C has four levels of certification in the Cradle to Cradle Certified® product standard: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

Thomas Rasmussen, CEO of DS Stålprofil, says: “We have focused on the green and sustainable transition and production for a long time. We are a strong company that wants to be a role model and meet the future’s high demands for low environmental impact and safe and healthy development of sustainable building materials. Just as we were first with GreenCoat® steel products in Denmark, it was only natural for us to embrace the Cradle to Cradle concept, which helps us keep our focus and set specific guidelines for the green profile we want to have both in the short and long term - including good support for our work with the 17 SDGs.”

“It’s no longer just about reducing the carbon footprint - it’s also about ensuring that only waste that can be recycled is produced, and that production is converted to be based on renewable energy. The C2C certification is just proof that we are working constructively and continuously with the green transition and the development of sustainable products for the benefit of the world today and people in the future,” concludes Thomas Rasmussen.


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